Best Green Companies

The best green companies to buy from or work for. Green companies that are making a difference in the world.

There are many companies that are going green or have now went green. Going green means being eco-friendly. It means to help the Earth and mother nature more, to stop being wasteful and begin reusing and recycling whatever you can in order to reduce our footprint on the Earth. Going green is great because it shows that businesses care about the health and well-being of not only the Earth and nature, but people as well. After all, we all need the Earth in order to continue living and to further our species. When supporting companies or looking for a job with a "green" company you may want to know what the best green companies are and what they do. These are companies that are working to conserve and protect our natural resources for future generations to enjoy. The best green (eco-friendly) companies are:

  • Whole Foods: Whole Foods is a retail grocery chain of stores that sell mainly organic products. They support organic farmers and organic products. They recycle, reuse and reduce their waste wherever and whenever they can. They also give back to the community they are in. They give 5% of their profits every year to a wide variety of community and non-profit organizations.
  • Avon: Avon has always been environmentally and animal friendly. They have never tested their products on animals. Avon has their own environmental green team that has initiatives to create a greener culture, a paperless sales model, greener product packaging and greener methods of transportation for their products.
  • Aveda: Aveda is a natural cosmetics company. Aveda offers a plastic caps recycling program. They offer to accept your plastic caps from several different sources like shampoo and lotion bottles to flip top caps on food, laundry detergent and some jar lids from things like peanut butter. Their products offer "responsible packaging" which means packaging that is made from recycled material and can be recycled again. They also use renewable energy to create and fill packaging. They have a couple of different "green" campaigns they are working on and they give back to organizations that are committed to environmental improvement. They also use organic ingredients in their beauty products.Talk about a great company!
  • Burt's Bees: Burt's Bees products are natural personal care products. They are probably most well known for their Burt's Bee's lip balm, but they offer tons of other great products. The slogan for Burt's Bee's products is: "Earth friendly natural personal care for the Greater Good". They offer many natural wellness and personal care products. Burt's Bee's company believes that products should be 100% natural and half of their products are 100% natural. They are working on trying to get that figure to 100% of all their products being completely natural. They also believe the packaging should be made with recycled materials and be able to be recycled again. They are a company that believes in the rights of both humans and animals and they believe in giving back. They give back 10% of their sales to selected partners for the greater good of the Earth and humanity. They are definitely a company that is committed to the environment and sustainability.
  • Johnson & Johnson: Johnson and Johnson is the largest health care company in the world and they have the largest fleet of hybrid vehicles in the world. They haven't been the most green friendly company in the past but they are now dedicated to turning that around and reducing their carbon footprint. They also want to cut their emissions and they have implemented several energy saving programs. They also use solar power and they purchase green and renewable energy. They also are reducing the waste of their packaging of their many products.
  • S.C. Johnson: S.C. Johnson uses a sustainable form of wax for their "Johnson's Wax" products. S.C. Johnson and company also uses a "greenlist" method which classifies and evaluates the impact of raw materials on human and environmental health.
  • PNC Financial Services Group:  PNC is a top financial institute that offers more "green" buildings than any other company in the world. They were the first bank to initiate "green" building standards. Instead of demolishing existing buildings that are no longer used or needed they deconstruct the buildings and reuse more than 90% of the materials.
  • Pepsico: The EPA has recognized PepsiCo as one of the leading buyers of renewable energy or green power. Green power is electricity that is generated from renewable sources like wind, solar, geothermal, biogas, biomass and low-impact hydro. These types of sources do not produce carbon dioxide emissions, therefore not only are they renewable but they are also better for the Earth and humans. Pepsi Co. has also launched a test program to test out green vending machines. The vending machines are cooled by CO2, they use less energy and generate 12% less greenhouse gas emissions than current and past vending machines.
  • IBM:  IBM is heavily involved in green innovation and green solutions for our world and future generations. They are working to make their current products and processes more efficient for the environment and they are also developing new innovations that can help lessen environmental impact. IBM's computers and supercomputers are the most energy efficient in the world. IBM has also launched a consulting service for sustainable assets. They have also partnered with Syracuse University and New York state to open a "Green Data Center", which showcases innovations and is energy efficient itself.
  • Honda: Honda has been working on creating two alternative fuel technologies for cars.They are also trying to create an infrastructure to use hydrogen to get away from using oil. Honda wants to be the cleanest and most fuel efficient manufacturer. Honda has also reduced their CO2 emissions by 10%, from both its cars and factories, between 2000 and 2010.


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